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10+ Best Austin Tech Companies 2022

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Best Austin Tech Companies

10+ Best Austin Tech Companies 2022

If you live in the United States and want to start a career by choosing Best tech companies in Austin, look no further. We’ll show you how to choose the right firm for you. If you’re considering working for a tech company in Austin, you’re probably wondering which companies are the best to work for.

Using data from Glassdoor, we developed a list of “Best Austin Tech Companies”. You might be wondering why Austin is so famous among tech companies. Keep in mind that Austin, Texas, is quickly becoming a popular destination for software engineers from all over the country. Due to Austin, IT businesses have no trouble attracting top people for various software engineering and tech roles because of its vibrant culture, cheaper living costs, and lack of state income tax. Let’s talk about some of the “Best Austin tech companies”.


This is Austin’s best-rated company. No other pro or identity verification system can offer what SpyCloud Identity Risk Engine can: based on breach data, PII, and spyware material recovered from the criminal underground, actionable, predictive scam risk assessments, SpyCloud protects organizations from cyber-attacks by transforming recovered data. Our products are powered by a proprietary engine that captures, curates, enhances, and analyses data from the criminal underground, allowing businesses to proactively prevent account takeover and ransomware and protect their businesses and customers from online fraud.


Ontic Technologies, Inc, creates and develops technology platforms that deliver asset protection intelligence. The Ontic Protective Intelligence Platform is a game-changing breakthrough setting a new technical standard in protective intelligence for Fortune 500 and rising business security teams. The Ontic solution combines data from several channels into a single always-on platform to detect, assess, and mitigate potential physical threats.


Are you familiar with the Closed-loop technology? Closed-loop marketing is defined as marketing that is based on closed-loop reporting data and insights. Closing the Loop means that sales teams inform Marketing of the status of leads they have received, allowing Marketing to truly understand their best and worst lead sources. Closed Loop has outperformed rival digital advertising firms for nearly two decades by offering personalized support from the world-class workforce. We’re out to change the digital advertising world once more with the debut of our FORAGER technology platform.

Sana benefits

We’ll now look at the best insurance business. Sana Benefits has a 4.4-star rating based on over 47 anonymous employee evaluations. Employees at Sana Benefits are 86 percent positive about the company, and 85 percent would suggest it to a friend. Over the previous 12 months, this rating has improved by 3%. Sana employs a technology-driven benefits strategy to keep employees happy and healthy. Employer benefits packages include full medical, dental, vision, and other services without the hassles or hidden costs.


Molecular bridges the gap between data and decision, allowing businesses to harness the potential of real-time analytics and artificial intelligence. By eliminating resource-intensive pre-aggregation, Molecula enables data-driven corporate innovation. Feature Base gives real analytics and machine learning applications by running low latency, high throughput, and highly concurrent workloads. Thanks to Feature Base, organizations are no longer forced to make costly choices between query speeds and ingest volume.


Living Security is the leader in Human Risk Management. It is at the forefront of security awareness and education for a variety of training awareness services. They also continue to create great supporting content, such as monthly campaigns and Cyber security Awareness Month materials and presenters.

Wheel health

The wheel is a healthcare technology startup that combines technology and professionals to provide virtual treatment and telehealth. It gives businesses and physicians everything they need to provide virtual care. The wheel now powers virtual-first care for some of healthcare’s most forward-thinking industries, including digital health companies, clinical lab networks, merchants, and software firms. Companies can quickly develop virtual care services, and clinicians can manage their practices in one place with our solution, which includes onboarding, support, and the opportunity to work across numerous highly-vetted possibilities.


Aifleet is a trucking startup focused on maximizing driver happiness. They provide a unique technology for trucks that generate significantly more revenue than the industry average, which they then use to provide their drivers unique benefits on and off the road, as well as a pay package on par with investment bankers!


Knowrexhealth provides comprehensive, timely, and cost-effective clinical trial recruitment solutions. To find enriched patient groups, investigators/research centers in the metro region, and trustworthy physicians near the locations for engagement, recruitment, and individualized patient assistance, we use real-world criteria to generate reports on unique study needs.


Last but not least, our last recommendation of the “Best Austin Tech Companies” is Cesiumastro. The company manufactures communication systems for satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), launch vehicles, and other space and airborne platforms. Each of the company’s products combines carefully selected commercial-off-the-shelf components with the established reliability required of aircraft systems. Its technologies enable communication between satellites, drones, planes, cars, and other mobile devices by generating electronically steerable radio waves that transmit data between devices. Its software stitches the data together.

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