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Discover 7+ Conferences On AI in 2021

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Conferences on AI - Conferences on Artificial Intelligence

Conferences On AI

AI is a key for the most innovative AI Startups. Thus, I decided to make a list of the most important Conferences on AI.

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Ai for Human language 2021

our first recommendations for Conferences on AI, it is AI for Human Language. Machines learn to listen” to voices, thoughts, and inflections, but there are still a lot of ways to go. If technology gets more advanced and complex algorithms use more data, these problems are easily overcome. We educate our machine (sample) on the variables that make someone the finest in class, what makes someone a better communicator of leadership, what makes someone honest, etc., and then we help individuals “optimize” their contact on those variables.

Event Main Focus

In this conference, there is a comprehensive discussion on how AI can interpret human language and It is not overly complicated visually. If you can train machines to determine what makes an audience respond (trust, connect, listen, act) and then educate the machine to quantify appropriate variables in those interactions (how we use our words, voices, expressions) that can impact those reactions, then you can use data science and algorithms to construct an intelligent machine that can enhance how we interact.

Middle East Banking AI & Analytics Summit

From its roots, the banking sector has become very resistant to reform. But financial services are not resistant to the largest technical disruption triggered by AI, as the term has attested. In addition to being under pressure to adapt to the global marketplace, banks have begun to identify some really important cases of AI use.

Event Main Focus

This conference focuses on the banking system and analysis how they are working now and how they can be improved for participants to illustrate the implementation of their work in practical environments,  this ai4 conference is an outstanding environment. Multiple tracks for case studies, technical lectures, and tutorials will accompany the plenary keynotes.

Ai4 2021 Finance Summit

If there is one dividend-paying technology, it is AI in finance. The ecosystem of banking and the finance sector as a whole has been offered a way by artificial intelligence to satisfy the demands of clients who want better, more convenient, simpler ways to access, buy, save, and invest their money. It has been an essential component of the most challenging and fast-paced markets.


For the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the Ai4 2021 Finance Conference brings together business leaders and technology professionals to provide actionable information from those in the enterprise working on the frontlines of AI and to get a strategic advantage in the marketplace, forward-thinking senior managers and company owners aggressively pursue new AI usage in finance and other fields.

  • Among the main topics of this summit: Data-backed Decisions, Risk managing, Fraud Detection, Privacy, and Security, Customized banking, Time Fast Resolution, Smooth distribution of information
  • Location: Virtual Event
  • Industry: Finance
  • Date: 3rd March 2021
  • Website Link: https://ai4.io/finance/

 International Conference on Computer Games and Simulations

The International Research Conference on computer games and simulations is a federated body devoted to getting together within the conference schedule a large number of diverse academic activities for presentation. Based on the number and duration of the lectures, activities will run over sometime during the meeting. With its high quality, it gives teachers, educators, and business analysts exceptional value.

Main Aims and Objectives

The International Research Conference on computer games and simulations seeks to bring together prominent scholars, experts, and researchers to exchange and share their insights and scientific findings on all facets of Virtual Reality Systems and Applications. It also gives academics, professionals, and educators a leading interdisciplinary forum to introduce and address the new developments, patterns, and issues, as well as realistic problems met, and strategies implemented in the fields of virtual reality technologies and applications.


Another of our recommendation Conferences on AI, it is Artificial intelligence facilitates the lives of patients, physicians, and managers of hospitals by conducting functions usually undertaken by humans, but at a quarter of the price and with less time.

AI4 aims are to provide performance insights from those operating on the frontlines of AI in the organization with a use-case-oriented strategy to data. At every point of an organization’s AI journey, we try to establish a shared context for thinking about what AI brings to the healthcare industry and to deliver content that advances understanding.

Event Main Goals

To promote the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the Ai4 2021 Healthcare Conference brings together industry leaders and clinical professionals.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, deep learning, computer science, and advanced machine learning will be addressed by thousands of scholars, engineers, data scientists, executives, and business leaders. Leading experts and scholars will provide examples of how AI for healthcare is being used to solve real-world challenges in the medical world over more than fifty talks.


  • The main summit topics include: AI-Assisted Surgery, robot-assisted surgery, AI in Medical Imaging, Digital Nurses and AI and clinical trial participation
  • Industry: Medicine
  • Location: Virtual Conference
  • Date: 5th May 2020
  • Website link:  https://ai4.io/healthcare/application-attendee/

The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

Genetic and Evolutionary Computation: Medical Applications offers a description of the variety of GEC techniques used in medicine and healthcare in a way that is not only applicable to current GEC practitioners but also to those from other fields, particularly health professionals.

Main Even Focus

In recent years, the field of Genetic and Evolutionary Computing has seen an explosion in interest. Methods focused on Darwinian natural evolution’s variation-selection loop have been effectively extended to a whole variety of research fields.

  • Fields of coverage include implementations, scientific foundations, extensions of methods, and problems of operation of both genetic and evolutionary computation areas. Themes may include, but are not restricted to:, Optimizing (multi-objective, multi-level), Identification of the plan, regulation, classification, and method, data analysis and analytics on data, recognition of trends and deep learning, evolution of the learning of computers, genetic enhancement and automated programming
  • Industry: Genetics
  • Location: Virtual Conference
  • Date: 10-14th July 2020
  • Website link:  https://ai4.io/healthcare/application-attendee/

International Conference on Virtual Reality Applications

Our last recommendation about conferences on AI, it is the organizational committee would like to invite researchers and experts from around the world to present and discuss the new Virtual Reality (VR) Augmented Reality (AR) and Building Knowledge Modeling research and development ideas. International Conference on Virtual Reality Applications will offer a rare opportunity to explore with leading researchers and plans and directions for research and development in this promising area.

Main Objectives and Motives

International Conference on Virtual Reality Applications will put together AI experts and professionals from around the world to report on and share the latest technologies, ideas, and implementations in the field of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Building Knowledge Simulation based on groundbreaking research activities. The conference aims to report on concepts, developments, and implementations of groundbreaking international research practices in the fields of VR, AR, and BIM and to explore plans for the future growth of research perspectives in these areas.

  • Industry: VR Applications
  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Date: April 26-27, 2021

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