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16+ Best Tech Companies In Berlin 2022

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Best Tech Companies in Berlin

16+ Best Tech Companies In Berlin 2022

Berlin is the most important location for Tech startups in Germany. Based on Statista.com, more than 30% of companies located. The importance of the Tech Startups scene in Berlin can be well justified because 26% of the total fund flow to the Startups.

Thus I have made the recommendation list of 16+ Best Tech Companies in Berlin.


The first recommendation of our list of the Best Tech companies in Berlin is Billie. Billie Technologies, Inc. provides the best checkout experience for business customers by accepting their preferred payment methods and providing flexible payment terms. Billie is focused on B2B e-commerce payments with an emphasis on high data security of financial transfers. Moreover, Billie’s solution gives B2B businesses an easy way to send invoices and make payments online, fast.


Mondu enables B2B marketplaces and merchants to provide their corporate clients with Buy Now, Pay Later payment options. The most common B2B payment options, invoice purchase, SEPA direct debit, and installments, can be made available to business clients by merchants and marketplaces using Mondu’s payment solution for online checkout.


FinCompare is a fintech firm to become Europe’s top platform for financing small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). They employ technology to provide startups and small enterprises with a convenient one-stop shop for all of their financing needs.  They have just recently started to restructure the B2B lending industry, and they depend on you to maintain the rapid expansion.


Finoa was created to allow the crypto ecosystem to flourish while giving institutions a reliable partner that can address their intricate regulatory and security concerns. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts noticed a dearth of sophisticated services that would enable the crypto ecosystem to develop and institutions to join, that’s how the idea for it was formed.


Pile represents a New Beginning for Fintech and Defi in the Bridge-Building for the Future of Finance. According to Pile, access to a financial service built on the Blockchain and made available to users through their present bank services can solve financial concerns. They create Defi APIs that fintech firms and neo-banks may easily include in their offerings to provide customers with better, more practical goods.


Vay is an innovative teledrive-first method for autonomous driving.  With the use of Vay’s teledriving technology, a person can operate a vehicle from a distance (“teledriving”). Vay wants to gradually integrate autonomous driving capabilities into the system as soon as it is secure and legal to do so. For its clients, Vay hopes to be able to remotely deliver and park electric vehicles.

Alpas AI

Alpas AI empowers customers to take advantage of Data-driven Sourcing decisions. Alphas are one fastest ways of the supply chain from Purchase requisition to Purchase order. It is a global technology to find your supplier and make comparisons between different suppliers.


I continue our list of the Best Tech Companies in Berlin with Flink.  Flink is your go-to digital supermarket. You can order anything you would typically buy at a grocery store through Flink. They’ll quickly deliver it to your door. Fresh fruits and veggies, components for your meal, and everything you need for happy hour are all available at Flink.

Flink aims to deliver to your home in a matter of minutes and offers a large range of over 2,400 high-quality products. They prioritize serving their consumers and making sure all delivered goods are wholesome and fresh.

Razor Group

The Razor Group set out on a quest to build the consumer goods powerhouse of the future generation so that the top household names would be accessible to consumers everywhere, wherever, and whenever they needed them. They bring the most adored brands to the doorsteps of everyone by fusing innovative ideas from gifted entrepreneurs, years of brand-building experience, and cutting-edge technology. This is one of the Martech recommendations from our list of the Best Tech Companies in Berlin.

Vivid Money

“Vivid Money” is a single mobile app where the worlds of investing and banking are blended. They think everyone should be able to manage their money easily. Vivid Money moving toward making it a reality for all of Europe.

Vivid Money thinks that everyone should be able to accumulate wealth. This entails accessible investing services, low- and no-fee banking, and financial literacy programs.


Another Martech recommendation from our list of the Best Tech Companies in Berlin is SellerX. SellerX started with inspiration from Amazon sellers. They partner with entrepreneurs behind them to buy the businesses. SellerX works on building brands into a global household name. SellerX looks for leading companies with great feedback and those who have the potential to grow.


I can’t miss this list of the Best Tech Companies in Berlin, mobility companies. “Dance”, an electric mobility service is y our ebike. The Ebike is included in your monthly membership price, and you also get access to our concierge team, who will repair and maintain your vehicle at no extra cost and as quickly as within 24 hours. Dance offers you the benefits of owning your transport with the flexibility of a membership you can turn on and off whenever you please, in contrast to traditional ownership or shared services.


Another of the mobility startup recommended in the list of the Best Tech Companies in Berlin is Gorillas. Gorillas is a rider-focused brand. Since its riders make up the majority of the business, Gorillas encourage the formation of a works council to develop a close relationship and lively dialogue between the riders, warehouse employees, and management. Along with changing access to necessities, they also want to set the example for more responsible and sustainable consumerism.


Jina is a Commercial open source software company on the MLOps platform for multimodal AI, neural search, and generative AI. It is one of the high-potential AI startups in the world, featured on Forbes DACH AI30 2020, CBInsights AI 100 2021 & 2022. Jina was founded in Feb. 2020, and raised $37.5M in 20 months; now a global team of 52 with four offices.


Almost finishing the recommendation list of the Best Tech Companies in Berlin is Banxware. Banxware creates Business lending’s future. Its integrated lending system gives digital platforms like marketplaces, PSPs, and other aggregators the ability to support the growth of its business sellers by providing them with the financing they require.

Business loans from Banxware’s partners improve their value proposition while advancing their platform and the overall economy. These loans are entirely digital and seamlessly integrated.


Last but not least on our list of the Best Tech companies in Berlin is Joblift.

This Tech Company was founded in 2015, and the team employed machine learning and big data to create a job-searching platform.

Did you find interesting this article about the best tech companies in Berlin?

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