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8+Top Robotic Companies In 2022

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Top Robotic Companies

Top Robotic Companies In 2022

In an industry as rapidly evolving as robots, we have conducted a study to report on the Top Robotic Companies in 2022.


Photoneo is a major player in vision-guided robotics, developing unique machine vision and intelligent automation solutions for industrial applications. The company gives robots the capability to “see” and “understand”, enabling them to perform the most complex tasks and replace humans for repetitive, tedious, and hazardous jobs.

By combining high-end 3D machine vision with artificial intelligence, Photoneo delivers flexible and universal automation systems for robotic applications, such as bin picking, material handling, machine tending, object sorting, depalletization, dimensioning, inspection, quality control, and many others.

Photoneo’s novel “Parallel Structured Light” technology, which powers the 3D camera MotionCam-3D, revolutionized machine vision and elevated robotics to the next level, enabling the capture and high-quality 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes without motion artifacts. This opened the door to new robotic applications and solved the limitations of standard machine vision.

Photoneo automation solutions help businesses, production facilities, logistics centers, and e-commerce companies increase their productivity and efficiency, decrease operational costs, minimize the risk of injuries, and free their employees for new tasks.

Contact details:

Rtr AI

Realtime Robotics was established with the intention of revolutionizing the motion of robots and autonomous vehicles. With solutions that offer ground-breaking features like risk-aware driving, highly productive multi-robot work cells, and automated robot vision that continuously calibrates itself, Realtime Robotics has continued to revolutionize automation.

Exyn Technologies

The focus of Exyn’s technologies is on developing software solutions for drones. The main challenges are these drones that can’t operate in GPS-denied environments without human control, prior information, or pre-existing infrastructure.

Driving by Artificial Intelligence, Exyn is able to go to places that other robots can’t access. That’s one of their main competitive advantage against other robotic companies in the market.

Exyn Technologies has achieved the maximum level of aerial autonomy reached within the industry: Level 4. For further detailed information about the solution and the use cases, you can find it on their website and youtube channel.

Saildrone Inc

Aiming to discover and sail autonomously. Saildrone is one of the innovators of the Top Robotic Companies in the field of Sea Drones for unknown places.

In 2020, Saildrone Surveyor was able to successfully map an uncharted area of the ocean of 140 nautical miles discovering an unknown 800 meters sea hill. Also is designed to survive a natural weather disasters such as hurricanes and giant waves.

For further information about Saildrone, you will find it on their website and the following Youtube video.


DronSense is another of the Safe-Tech recommendation from our Top Robotic Companies. The Startup based in Austin, Texas, has built a robot software organization.

Their platform is composed of three components: Pilot, OpsCenter, and AirBase. DroneSense is here to serve as an integral part of this evolution in public safety.

You can find out more on their website and video:


Outrider is an autonomous vehicle startup based in Denver with a more than $50 million fundraising haul and the announcement of pilot projects at several large companies. The Startup eliminates manual tasks that are hazardous and repetitive by offering first-of-its-kind technology to help automate the distribution yards of large companies.

A video issued by the company shows driverless cabs maneuvering containers at loading docks as an employee monitors the operation from a computer. You can find out more on their website and video:

Diligent Robotics

Diligent Robotics is the other Health Tech recommendation from our Top Robotic Companies. Designed to support healthcare workers and their evolving environments. The company aims that doctors and nurses could focus on patient care meanwhile the robots are supporting other tasks.

The robots are able to navigate with autonomy even in hospital buildings. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence is able to quickly learn what to do in a new hospital.

You can find out more on their website and video:

Nuro: Our last Top Robotic Companies recommendation for 2022

Last but not least, Nuro is another Robotic Company driven by Artificial Intelligence. Nuro’s mission is to provide custom autonomous delivery vehicles designed to drive in neighborhoods.

The R2 has a robust autonomy stack that includes mapping, localization, perception, and prediction.

Nowadays, we can confirm that R2 is one of the most commercially and technically mature autonomous vehicles in the world. Find out more on their website and video:

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