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15+ Best Tech Companies In Amsterdam 2022

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Best Tech Companies In Amsterdam

15+ Best Tech Companies In Amsterdam in 2022

Amsterdam is one of the main IT HUBs for Tech Companies in Europe. Thus, I created a recommendation list of the Best Tech Companies in Amsterdam in 2022.


The first recommendation of our list of the Best Tech Companies in Amsterdam is Finom. The goal of Finom is creating a product that combines banking, financial management, and accounting tasks into a single mobile-first platform.

By demonstrating how finances can and should be managed in the contemporary world — as simple as using your smartphone — FINOM has established new norms for conducting business. Finom was founded to provide entrepreneurs with the technologies of the future for business management operations so they may concentrate on what is most valuable to their businesses and to themselves.


At Dott, they’re all heading in the right direction to reduce pollution and congestion in the places we call home. They’re investing in that future by altering the way we travel. Dott is here to provide everyone with clean transportation in our cities, and they’d love for you to join us on the journey.


The first recommended Health Tech on our list of the Best Tech Companies in Amsterdam is Siilo. Siilo has unfastened an easy messaging app for healthcare specialists. It is a rapid, direct verbal exchange with one smooth-to-use app. It is a free secure messenger app that can be used on the desktop for individuals and groups in health care.

Siilo continually meets the global protection standards for information processing in healthcare. It’s been relied on by way of renowned institutions throughout Europe. There is a suite of tools designed to assist healthcare professionals in further anonymizing and guarding any patient facts exchanged. It balances comfort, feasibility, and compliance.


BuyBay resells surplus stock and returned products for traders, brands, and manufacturers. The office is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Cologne, Germany. Its aim the waste in e-trade and contribute to a circular society. With the support of  BuyBay, you will be able to increase your revenue and remove your returns and overstock in no time. More than 250 BuyBayer uses this platform to get benefited. The company provides full services that include software setup for wholesale auctions. The main aim of the company is to reduce waste and circulate the economy.


Dyme is a company that helps us to plan our finances for better utilization of our earnings. Wouter is a co-founder and CTO of Dyme. You can download it for free but there is a separate charge for a subscription they construct suitable equipment and give personal advice to assist get your budget in order so that your income and expenditures are on the right track. It has different power tools which can be chosen according to the needs of the people. They provide the financial greeks to plan for our expenses like planning for holidays, buying a new property, and so on.


Kin is designed to make customized insurance according to the needs of the person. It was founded in 2016 and now it has more than 350 employees worldwide. They are trustworthy because they are licensed. It provides easy services at low cost because they have its technology and expert team that helps to lower the cost and complexity. They provide mobile insurance, house insurance, condo insurance, landlord insurance, and many more. Kin has become one of the fastest economic companies of 2020 also. It is very unique from other because the insurance coverage is very simple and have only a few steps.


Clearcover is one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable apps. It claims that they can file claims instantly, and get help fast all in a single app. They even have the fastest claim in car insurance takes only 7 minutes. People are attracted to this app due to its huge savings and great coverage with an easy process. They even have call centers and friendly advocates for the customers. They have made payment methods and renewal methods very easy. the main aim of the company is to provide affordable car insurance with the fastest claim from the mobile app that can be easily found on Appstore and play store.


The grocery store app Crisp delivers delicious food directly to your door. Products that are incredibly tasty, very fresh, and reasonably priced. They accomplish this by making direct purchases from small makers, breeders, and growers who are experts in their fields. Therefore, Crisp makes it simple to purchase goods that are flavorful, in-season, and devoid of extraneous ingredients. And they will deliver whatever you want now throughout the Netherlands tomorrow.

Change Invest

Change Invest was founded with the mission of everyone can become an investor. Today, Change Invest has become a global movement with around 5600 people crowdfunding the mission to make investment possible and free to the world. Change has today thousands of people trs=usting them to trade.


Your hybrid workforce may outperform their own performance goals thanks to Kaizo’s ability to make them more effective, engaged, and productive. They empower teams to be more knowledgeable, engaged, and productive in their digital work environment by leveraging the power of real-time data, AI, and gamification.

Order Champ

Order Champ is a wholesale market open for the global world that will make your store thrive. The major values that have driven Order Champ are Eco friendly and handmade products. Order Champ is on a third-party marketplace, so it makes you stand out in the crowd.


Using the most important technologies of this century, Bitfury Group is developing solutions for the future. The best full-service blockchain technology firm in the world is Bitfury Group.  Bitfury Group has expanded upon its history as one of the first Bitcoin miners and suppliers of Bitcoin mining hardware.


AMMP offers electronic energy distribution solutions. For energy consumers, energy service providers, and suppliers of renewable energy systems, their SaaS platform allows remote monitoring and management. The digital technologies provided by AMMP enable the upcoming energy companies that are constructing this infrastructure to scale up more quickly.


LastAt Zivver, they think that everyone needs a safer, smarter method to communicate in a world that is witnessing the hyper-acceleration of digital transformation, regulatory reforms, and hybrid work. It promotes data security and guards against data loss. They, along with more than 4,000 businesses today, think that an easy-to-use, clever, secure, digital communications platform is the solution.

Hiber Global

Last but not least, our last on our recommendation of the Best Tech Companies in Amsterdam is Hiber Global. Hiber’s goal is to make IoT simple for businesses all around the world to purchase, install, and use. from the mountains’ center. over the desert to the center. Thanks to satellite connectivity, they are developing end-to-end IoT solutions that make off-grid asset monitoring easy and economical.

They are developing solutions that will finally provide remote work sites access to timely, accurate information about their assets. They have only created one solution so far. Oil and gas firms may make remote operations safer, more effective, and more sustainable by using the good monitoring solution HiberHilo®.

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