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15+ Best Tech Companies NYC 2022

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15+ Best Tech Companies NYC 2022

New York City is without any doubt one of the main hubs for Tech Companies, today we bring you the recommendation list of  Best Tech Companies NYC.


The first recommendation on our list of the “Best Tech Companies NYC” Clair is a financial app that helps you access your earnings before payday. When you sign up for a Clair Spending Account, you’ll get a range of financial tools, including fee-free wage advances, an FDIC-insured Spending and Savings account with no monthly fees, and a Clair Debit Mastercard to use for spending your earnings. Clair makes it easy to manage your money and access your funds when you need them.


Teampay is the first purchase tool created for contemporary, technologically advanced organizations. Our products make it possible for businesses to request, approve, and monitor expenses in real time. Managers and staff are given the freedom to get what they need when they need it while finance teams are given control and transparency. Our customers can focus on growing their businesses because of the time and productivity savings provided by their intelligent automation and intuitive workflows for businesses.


Smart Portfolio is a program that will automate your investment strategy. When you use the saving and budgeting features of Stash banking, you can keep your finances in order and avoid getting into financial trouble. Get free, unrestricted, individualized investment guidance within the Stash app based on your specific needs and comfort level.


The only recommended Martech from our list of the “Best Tech Companies NYC” is Attentive. Attentive is a company that allows businesses to send personalized text messages to customers to promote products or services, drive traffic to their websites or stores, and increase customer engagement.

In addition to SMS marketing, Attentive can also automate SMS marketing campaigns by sending automated messages based on customer behavior or other criteria, helping businesses save time and resources while still reaching customers with targeted and relevant messages. Attentive also integrates with other marketing channels, such as email and social media, allowing businesses to reach customers across multiple channels and increase engagement.


Forter is a SaaS business that offers anti-fraud tools to e-commerce sites and marketplaces. The company is headquartered in New York, their crew is strong and quick, and together we can do anything. They help us to have a safer side if we keep our minds on the task at hand and keep our resolve strong.


NYDIG is a financial technology company founded in 2017 and headquartered in New York City. It focuses on providing institutional investors with easy access to the bitcoin market, which allows institutional investors to gain exposure to or securely store bitcoin without directly holding the digital asset. Whether you are an institutional investor seeking exposure to bitcoin or an individual investor looking for a secure and convenient way to buy, sell, and hold digital assets, NYDIG offers high-quality products and services.


Verbit is an AI-based transcription and captioning service provider for a variety of industries, including education, legal, and media. Their platform employs advanced machine learning algorithms to transcribe spoken words into written text in real-time, as well as generate accurate video captions. These services are highly accurate, efficient, and simple to use, making them an excellent choice for organizations that need to transcribe or caption large amounts of audio or video material quickly and accurately.


Nate is an innovative artificial intelligence-powered shopping application that offers users the ability to shop from any retailer, regardless of their location. It provides the convenience of online shopping while also offering the flexibility and security of a personal assistant. With Nate, you can easily browse and purchase products from any retailer and choose to pay for your purchases at a later date. The app also offers a range of additional features including the ability to save products for later, share your shopping lists with friends and family, send gifts to loved ones, and protect your payment information with advanced security measures.


Another of the recommended Fintech from our list of the “Best Tech Companies NYC” is Capchase. Capchase is a financial technology company that is dedicated to helping businesses grow faster by providing them with tools to manage and optimize their cash flow. Their primary product is a line of credit that allows businesses to extend their payment terms with suppliers, while also providing access to working capital to fund growth and cover unexpected expenses. To provide customized financing solutions based on the needs of each business, Capchase uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze a company’s financial data.


Helbiz is a company committed to making lives better through technology and sustainability. Helbiz’s team consists of innovators, engineers, technologists, and creatives who want to make a difference in the world. They believe that transportation is an important factor in reducing our environmental impact, and they are dedicated to providing safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation solutions around the world.


Cityblock is a healthcare company that was founded in 2017 with a mission to transform healthcare delivery and improve the lives of individuals and communities. The company aims to provide high-quality, community-based care to underserved populations, focusing on addressing social determinants of health and providing comprehensive, coordinated care.


ASAPP exists to increase human performance with AI Native automation. They specialize in addressing complicated challenges in situations with massive systemic inefficiencies and masses of data where actual solutions make a considerable economic effect.


Almost finishing our list of the “Best Tech Companies NYC” is Fireblocks.  Fireblock is a digital asset platform that caters to institutional investors, providing secure and compliant solutions for holding and managing digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and security tokens. The platform is designed to support the growing demand from banks and traditional financial institutions that are exploring the potential of digital assets on various blockchain networks.


Another Blockchain company recommended in our list of the “Best Tech Companies NYC” is Chainanlaysis. Government agencies and corporate entities around the world rely on Chainalysis to monitor and make sense of blockchain transactions. Smart machine learning, forensic specialists, and a large customer base let them continuously connect the dots between blockchain information and the real world. On-chain analysis, in layman’s words, is the practice of monitoring the flow of funds on the blockchain in order to identify profitable opportunities.

Ava Labs

Last but not least on our list of the Best Tech companies NYC is Ava Labs.

Ava Labs is a technology company that focuses on developing decentralized internet solutions. Its founders, Cornell University computer scientists, have collaborated with experienced financial industry professionals and decentralized space pioneers to realize their vision of simplifying the creation and use of open and decentralized networks. The Ava blockchain allows users to build and deploy decentralized applications called dApps. It is the primary focus of Ava Labs.

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