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GridX –Energy IoT Solutions For A Decentralised And Digitised Energy Age 2020

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GridX –Energy IoT Solutions For A Decentralised And Digitised Energy Age

GridX is a fast-growing –Energy IoT Solutions for a decentralised and digitised energy age.

Brief introduction about gridX.

GridX is a fast-growing start-up in the IoT sector, addressing the needs of B2B-customers in the energy sector. GridX helps them digitize energy infrastructure by offering them flexible, scalable and reliable IoT solutions for various application areas, including Independent Homes, Smart Charging, Smart Commercial and Microgrids. These holistic solutions for load and capacity management monitor and control energy units such as heat pumps, photovoltaic and battery storage systems, fuel cells and charging stations.

The distributed energy resource management system is based on the gridBox (IoT edge gateway), gridOS and Cloud. These key technologies were developed in-house and are therefore ideally linked. The gridBox is one of the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective IoT edge gateways on the market today. It delivers a comprehensive platform for rapidly developing and operating big data, predictive analytics, AI/machine learning and IoT software as a service application.

What are the main problems solved by gridX?

The global energy system stands at the verge of a far-reaching paradigm shift. The centralized supply model that has been working well for decades is now being challenged by the new one providing decentral, digital and clean energy. The growing demand for photovoltaic systems, storage facilities and electric cars is leading to an increasing decentralisation.

Additionally, the digitization is progressing extremely fast. The demands of consumers are also changing dramatically. They are calling for transparency, co-determination and new business models. Many companies often face the problem of not collecting any data on their energy units. This lack of data and its evaluation inhibits efficiency and prevents the development of new digital business models.

In order to keep up with these developments and continue to fulfill their customers’ demands, many large companies are trying to develop digital, innovative solutions (their own IoT cloud infrastructure) in-house. However, most of them spent 90% of their time on basic developments which have nothing to do with the actual solution – they lose time and money.

How do you do this?

GridX offers these companies holistic whitelabel IoT-solutions and services. The implementation creates many possibilities for our customers to develop new, modern business models, to constantly improve them and to stay up to date with the latest technology. Our solutions give our customers the opportunity to exploit the after-sales potential of their end customers. The companies thus keep their end customers satisfied as well as attract new ones.

Who is gridX’s target customer?

GridX operates in the B2B sector. Our target customer is not limited to any specific industry, because our solutions are very diverse. An obvious target group are energy companies like original equipment manufacturer and energy suppliers. With our dynamic load management we additionally adresse fleet managers, hotels and petrol stations. Companies, which produce their own energy via e.g. photovoltaic are also interested in our solutions. We enable them to monitor and control their feed in and feed out. Thus energy efficiency can be expanded and costs can be saved.

What is the main technology innovation offered by gridX?

All the components of our solutions are produced and developed inhouse. We offer a holistic management platform to control and manage all possible solutions in one place. We can greatly adapt to customer requirements through a modular design and docker containers. GridX connects an IP with a physical load-profile for the first time. We ensure the highest safety standards. Therefore, we provide a straightforward and automated setup via plug & play, over-the-air microupdate mechanisms and high-speed device implementation based on AI. The result is our reliable IoT Edge Gateway and our scalable platform.

How to get in contact with gridX? 

Are you interested to know the story behind this Tech Startup? You can find at Tech Startups Magazine:

GridX – Energy IoT Solutions For A Decentralised And Digitised Energy Age 2020

By its website:

You can easily get in contact with us via our website www.gridX.ai or you can also meet us at some fairs and exhibitions.

By its Social Networks:

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