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Bio Conscious: The Most Advanced Prediction Technology For Diabetes 2020

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Bio Conscious Technologies: The Most Advanced Prediction Technology For Diabetes

It is estimated that 415 million people are living with diabetes in the world, the diabetes has became a very common illness  around the world. Bio Conscious Technologies uses machine learning to build personalized disease prevention and management tools.

Bio Conscious: The Most Advanced Prediction Technology for diabetes.

Brief introduction about Bio Conscious Technologies.

Bio Conscious is a health analytics company which uses machine learning to predict complications for patients with chronic diseases. While the core technology made by Bio Conscious has implications for many chronic conditions, but they have focused first on diabetes.

What are the main problems solved by Bio Conscious Technologies?

Patients living with diabetes must continually monitor their blood sugar levels. Their goal is to stay in a target range for as much of the day as possible by adjusting their insulin dose, carb intake, and activity levels as required. This can be a daunting and difficult task, often leading to over- and under-correction. Bio Conscious  aims to help their users have better blood sugar control throughout the day, resulting in improved health outcomes over time.

More than 35 million people in North America suffer from diabetes. There are fewer than 800 specialized clinics in operation which can service this patient population, resulting in more than 40,000 patients per clinic. Clinicians and doctors are drowning with too many patients, unsure of who needs attention and how to prioritize their time. Because of this, patients do not receive the level of care they require. In the US alone, this results in $300 billion in public costs annually.  This is a global crisis.

How does Bio Conscious Technologies solve these problems?

Bio Conscious solutions like Diabits and Endobits work together to solve the shortage in the diabetes care system and improve health outcomes for patients.


Diabits is a free mobile app for people with diabetes which integrates with a patient’s continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to read blood sugar data. Diabits processes that data with a machine learning algorithm to provide a 60 minute forecast of where the patient’s blood sugar is headed. This gives the patient foresight as to what their blood sugar will look like in the next hour, so that they can take proactive measures to make sure they stay in their target range. On average, patients using Diabits improve their time in range by 9%, and reduce average blood sugar by 15%.


Endobits is a web platform for clinicians and doctors. Endobits syncs with the patient’s Diabits app to prioritize patients based on critical trends and the clinicians’ treatment priorities. Endobits allows clinicians to focus on who needs the most attention, and allows them to diagnose and adjust treatment without the patient present. Endobits helps clinics increase efficiency to help more patients.

Diabits and Endobits work together to provide Prevention as a service (R).

Who is your target customer?

The target market for Diabits is people living with diabetes who use continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).  In the near future Diabits will also offer features for users who only use CGMs intermittently.

The target market for Endobits is physicians and Certified Diabetes Educators who treat people living with diabetes.

What is the main technology innovation offered by Bio Conscious?

Diabits is powered by a proprietary machine learning algorithm called the Diabits Prediction Engine. The Prediction Engine is trained on CGM data for 3-7 days. The app then uses the machine learning model to calculate and predict the user’s blood sugar up to 60 minutes in the future.

The algorithm is also able to identify patients by their blood sugar data, meaning it can identify abnormal blood sugar patterns and distinguish patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes compared to otherwise healthy people who are experiencing the onset of pre-diabetes or other conditions.

“It might sound trivial but it will have far-reaching implications. Diabits turns CGMs into a diagnostic tool that can be used to detect pre-diabetes” said Amir Hayeri, CEO of Bio Conscious Technologies Inc.

With the increase in wearable technology in the healthcare market, blood sugar monitoring systems will become more widely available and used for daily blood sugar management. Diabetes is a global pandemic, and being able to detect the onset of pre-diabetes has the potential to impact a huge proportion of the population and take major strain off the healthcare system. Patients that would normally have to wait for symptoms or get a lab test can now be identified much earlier, before the onset of complications and irreversible damage.

How to get in contact with Bio Conscious Technologies?

You can also find the story at Tech Startup Magazine: Startups Tips.

You can contact by its website: https://www.diabits.com/


by sending an email to [email protected]

Or by its Social Networks:

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