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Kipuwex An IOT Device For Pain Assessment 2020

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Kipuwex An IOT Device For Pain Assessment

I interviewed to Marko Höynälä (CEO) and Erasmus Van Nieker (CTO) at Kipuwex Ltd. Kipuwex is a Finnish Health Tech Startup focused on pain assesment.

Introduction about Kipuwex.

“Kipuwex as a company was formed from own life experiences in seeing first-hand how destructive chronic pain can be. Pain is often under diagnosed or over treated, both having long-term impacts on the lives of those it affects.

What are the main problems solved by Kipuwex ?

To solve this problem Kipuwex has developed a truly objective tool to accurately measure the true amount of pain based on physiological readings interpreted by algorithms. Though this may sound a bit cold it is the only way to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

During the process of developing the medical IoT solution it became clear that the device will have an impact far beyond only determining pain, though this is still one of the main focuses. The device has also answered the needs of those in developing countries where infrastructure and cost have a huge impact on the standard of medical care.

The Kipuwex device is quickly becoming the tool of choice as a frontline patient monitor due to its flexibility, accuracy and ease of use. In developing countries it is targeted for use in ambulances, remote patient monitoring, NICUs, patient outreach programs, in the wards and many more use cases, that saves on costs and is not bound by the existing infrastructure.

How does Kipuwex solve these problems?

Kipuwex is a combination of IoT sensors and proprietary algorithms specifically designed to accurately give an overview of the patient’s vital signs.

The device is attached to the patient via a purpose designed ECG pad and can then send the data generated by the sensors and algorithms via Bluetooth through either the purpose built mobile application or Bluetooth gateway to the hospital cloud where the data can safely be stored and sent to the doctors and nurses based on if they are providing immediate care or need to see the historical information.

Who is your target customer?

Kipuwex is working closely with hospitals to answer their many needs. These needs vary between western and developing countries and Kipuwex can using the same device with minimal changes provide a perfect tool to meet these different needs. So, in both western and developing countries Kipuwex is firstly targeting Hospitals as a main target customer for use in many different areas withing the hospital infrastructure, for example ambulances, NICUs, and in the wards.

There is also an ever-growing need for remote monitoring of patients and elderly people due to the strain that there is on the medical system. Kipuwex can already be used in these cases to a limited amount, but with very little further development can be an excellent tool for these use-cases as well.

What is the main technology innovation offered by Kipuwex ?

In the end the true strength of Kipuwex lies in its flexibility, accuracy and ease of use in many different use-cases without compromising on quality of care and at a far lower price point than conventional devices whilst also having reached the goal it set out with, to be the world’s best pain monitor.”

How to get in contact with Kipuwex? 

Are you interested to know the founder story of Kipuwex? You can find on the following link: Kipuwex – An IOT Device For Pain Assessment.

You can contact Kipuwex by its website: www.kipuwex.com

By email: [email protected]

Or by its Social Networks:

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