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Photoneo 3D Machine Vision and Robot Intelligence

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Photoneo 3D Machine Vision and Robot Intelligence

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Photoneo is a Leading Slovakian Tech Company in on their mission to automate by providing robots with eyes, not only to see but also to understand.

Brief introduction about Photoneo

Photoneo is a leading solutions provider in the field of 3D machine vision, robot intelligence and smart automation. It was founded in 2013 with the mission to give vision and intelligence to robots all over the world to be able to understand it. The company’s vision is to drive brave automation solutions and shape the technological future for next generations.

The rich portfolio comprises complete, tailor-made automation solutions on the one hand and  award-winning products and sophisticated software on the other.

Photoneo provides superior solutions for bin picking applications – CAD-based Bin Picking Studio and machine learning-driven AnyPick, as well as its freshly released, machine learning-driven Depalletization solution.

The company also develops MotionCam-3D – the world’s highest resolution and highest accuracy area-based 3D camera for scanning in rapid motion. The camera is based on Photoneo’s patented “Parallel Structured Light” technology. For scanning scanning static scenes, the company produces high-precision PhoXi 3D Scanners. Photoneo also produces the autonomous mobile robot Phollower for transport of materials in warehouses, factories, hospitals, hotels and other large spaces. The portfolio also contains an advanced solution for automated 3D model creation.

Photoneo is headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia, with branch offices in Boston, USA, and Shanghai, China. It currently employs more than 140 professionals.

What are the main problems solved by Photoneo?

Photoneo solutions help to reduce costs, raise efficiency and increase safety at workplaces. Thanks to the implementation of Photoneo automation solutions, the employees’ potential can instead be used for tasks where robots cannot substitute for human performance – such as tasks requiring decision-making, creativity, psychological skills etc.

How do you do this?

By producing top 3D vision hardware and software and by helping customers with integration of advanced automation solutions.

Who is your target customer?

Photoneo’s target customers come from industries including automotive, e-commerce, food, medical and any sectors where advanced automation solutions are needed. The main applications include bin picking in manufacturing, depalletization in logistics, robot handling, objects sorting, quality control, metrology and many more.

What is the main technology innovation offered by Photoneo? 

Photoneo developed and patented its revolutionary 3D sensing technology called “Parallel Structured Light”, implemented by a custom CMOS image sensor. The name refers to its ability to capture multiple images of structured light in parallel rather than sequentially. This enables the MotionCam-3D the capture of high-resolution images of moving objects at a maximum speed of 40 m/second. There is no other 3D camera on the market that is able to capture moving scenes with such a high accuracy and resolution.

Photoneo’s best-in-class approach is also reflected in its integration of in-house designed and tested machine learning algorithms. The smart algorithm constantly learns how to react to various situations and thus becomes more sophisticated each day. It is used in Photoneo depalletization solution and in combination with its award-winning 3D vision technology and localization software makes it possible to depalletize up to 1000 boxes/hour. The solution is so universal that the boxes do not have to be stacked in any pattern or be in any predefined position – and it is so smart that it recognizes boxes it has never seen before.

How to get in contact with Photoneo?

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By Photoneo’s website:

You can find more information at Photoneo’s website: www.photoneo.com

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