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Tesselo – Augments Satellite Imagery With Artificial Intelligence

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Tesselo Artificial Intelligence

I interviewed Remi Charpentier, CEO & Founder at Tesselo. Tesselo is a portuguese Tech Startup that augments satellite imagery with Artificial Intelligence. 

Tesselo – Augments Satellite Imagery With Artificial Intelligence.

Why did you create Tesselo?

Tesselo seeks to stimulate industry-wide commitment to sustainability, by leveraging emerging technologies that can save the planet. When the European Space Agency (ESA) launched the Copernicus Programme, an earth observation service, a vast network of open-source satellite data became accessible. Our intelligence-driven StartUp is using cloud computing with Artificial Intelligence to transform the way we monitor and understand our natural environment. From our vantage point, we suggest “geospatial intelligence” will be an pivotal tool to mitigate the climate crisis.

Founder personal story

The story beings with Daniel, the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Tesselo. Daniel was attending a landscape planning course at MIT when he was introduced to Mike, a professor and Harvard Ph.D. graduate in Landscape Planning. The two collaborated on sustainability consulting projects before starting Tesselo. It wasn’t until the launch of the Copernicus satellites that Daniel met Rémi, an A.I. specialist based in Portugal  and from there the constellation formed. Today, Remi (Chief Executive Officer) and Daniel operate Tesselo from Lisbon, EU, while Mike (Chief Science Officer) is based in Berkley, USA.

What is your vision?

Since planet B is too far away to be a short term alternative, the climate crisis on planet A must be tackled with urgency. If global and immediate action is not taken, the crisis foretells a bleak future for our planet and its biodiversity. We believe geospatial intelligence is an indispensable tool for environmental monitoring and integrated climatic risk management. The application of geospatial intelligence is driving new visual methodologies that assess and adapt solutions for the climate crisis. In real-time, geospatial intelligence can enhance the private and public sectors and foster sustainable decision-making.

How do you help your customers and partners?

Tesselo helps its partners by optimizing their monitoring capability for greater management of climatic risks. Our international cooperations include forest stakeholders, insurance companies, governmental organizations, and NGOs. In the U.S. we collaborate with city planners to integrate urban stormwater management schemes, and in Portugal, we map vegetation for local authorities to identify potential risks associated with forest fires. By augmenting satellite imagery with artificial intelligence Tesselo aims to reduce vulnerabilities associated with the climate crisis.

What makes Tesselo different?

The team at Tesselo has developed a state-of-the-art platform that can analyze the earth and its environment continuously. Where most AI models provide a limited number of photos, our product works in a time series approach, with unprecedented size and scalability. Tesselo is committed to developing sophisticated AI models that can respond to sustainability issues. The teams’ expertise in sectors like agronomy, forestry, and hydrology provides customers with sustainable solutions for today and the future of our planet.

How to get in contact with Tesselo?

We encourage you to visit our website https://tesselo.com/ or official e-mail: [email protected].

You can reach also via social media:

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About the Author: Micayla Smith

Born in Seattle, Washington, Micayla Smith is a writer, poet and student living in Berlin. Micayla is currently working on a collection of essays about ‘degrowth and critical environmental theory’. 

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