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Tixeo – Videoconference Security For Remote Teams

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Tixeo Videoconference Security

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I interviewed to Maribel Poyato Aranda (Country Manager of Iberia and LATAM from Tixeo). Tixeo is an innovative Cybersecurity vendor from France.

Brief introduction about you and Tixeo.

Tixeo’s mission is to design and provide organizations with secure videoconferencing and videocollaboration solutions that guarantee the strict privacy of their communications. We have developed a 100% European videoconferencing solution with a level of performance, collaboration and security never achieved before (certified and qualified by ANSSI).  Aware of the challenges related to espionage and cybercrime issues, we are committed to offering our clients a unique and highly secure collaboration experience.

I’m the person in charge of opening and developing the business from scratch in Spain, Portugal and Latinamerica (communication, PR, marketing, sales, partnerships, strategy, spokeperson, etc)

What is the main problem solved by Tixeo?

The annual cost of industrial espionage now reaches billions of dollars. Thieves mainly target companies and their innovations but also confidential business information. Stealing strategic information from a competitor has become a common business practice and corporate espionage has become a real industry. Security of videoconferences is currently completely neglected despite the strategic information exchanged during an online meeting. Protecting board, business, and technical meetings conducted through video conferencing is not an option!

The problem is that there is no trustworthy offer on the market.

After several eavesdropping scandals on the telephone network and videoconference solutions, trust in communication tools has been damaged. The governments of some countries require their communications solutions vendors to provide eavesdropping capabilities (backdoors). Thus, this includes over 90% of the solutions on the videoconferencing market. Companies that want to hedge these risks usually isolate the communication tools on a private network. This approach can be efficient for internal communications but has the huge disadvantage of restricting the value of these solutions. In fact, it completely excludes external users: customers, suppliers, and partners.

Tixeo is an innovative answer with a unique encryption architecture for videoconferencing, protecting online business meetings against any risk of corporate espionage.

How do you do this?

Tixeo offers a true end-to-end encryption for multipoint videoconferencing while maintaining a high adaptability to network fluctuations. In addition to the client-to-server encryption (link encryption), all communications are now encrypted from end to end (from client to client). This end-to-end encryption allows an unparalleled level of security for multipoint communications. Even in the case of an attack targeting the Tixeo server, communications privacy is guaranteed.

This innovation has been made possible by the unique SVC on Demand (Scalable Video Coding on Demand) technology created by Tixeo’s R&D department. Currently constrained by their technological architecture, no other videoconferencing vendor can offer such a level of security.

Who is your target customer?

Any organization, public or private, willing to protect the privacy of their communications. Every day, all over the world, we support thousands of users, SMEs and large groups: Nexter, Eurenco, DGA (the French Defense Procurement Agency), DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority), CNRS (French national center for scientific research), Ariane Group, Orange, Credit Agricole, Thales, etc.

What is the main technology innovation that Tixeo bring?

Tixeo’s “SVC on Demand” (SVCoD) keeps all the advantages of the media relay server architecture, but without the drawbacks. The innovation consists in taking into account the context of the meeting in the encoding strategy. Each client will encode its video stream according to each of the other participants, their network capacity, their equipments and their display resolution.

Indeed, each participant simply sends the video layers needed in a meeting. Tixeo therefore removes any bandwidth overconsumption added by a classic SVC codec. Consider the case of a call between an HD room, a desktop and a smartphone. With SVCoD, only two video “layers” are used, corresponding to resolutions of the desktop and the smartphone.

The result is simply a higher image quality for a lower bandwidth usage.

Completely related to its new SVCoD technology, Tixeo introduced “Max motion”, a technology using at all times the maximum frame rate provided by the camera. Tixeo favors a maximum smoothness, your camera supporting 30 or even 60 frames per second, even in case of network slowdown.

All the studies converge, a good video quality is perceived only if the sound quality is perfect. This is why Tixeo has completely rewritten its audio stack. It now integrates the best audio codec know at this day for communication over the Internet: OPUS. It allows having a lower network usage while significantly increasing the quality, which will remain optimal whatever the type of sound (voice or music) sent. This new “stack” also contains a more powerful echo canceller, ensuring meetings without any echo whatever the conditions of use.

It is important to remind that the confidentiality of shared information is secured by streams encryption. Tixeo’s solution neither requires opening network ports (HTTPS Tunneling), nor changing the security policy of the company, unlike all known SIP or h.323 solutions.

How to get in contact with Tixeo?

You can contact Maribel Poyato and Tixeo by its web: www.tixeo.com

By email: [email protected] and phone: +34 912 69 45 05

Or by its Social Networks:

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