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15+ Best Fintech Startups 2023

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Best Fintech Startups

Best Fintech Startups 2023

One of the fastest industry growing industries during the past years is the Fintech industry. So, today we bring you the “Best Fintech Startups” 2023.


The first company on our recommendation list of the “Best Fintech Startups” is Teampay is the first purchase tool created for contemporary, technologically advanced organizations. Our products make it possible for businesses to request, approve, and monitor expenses in real-time. Managers and staff are given the freedom to get what they need when they need it while finance teams are given control and transparency. Our customers can focus on growing their businesses because of the time and productivity savings provided by their intelligent automation and intuitive workflows for businesses.


The first company on our recommendation list of the Best Fintech Startups is Moss. Specifically designed to attend to the requirement of German companies, Moss is a financial management service providing smart solutions, including corporate credit cards, digital invoice management, and reflexive accounting. Founded in 2019, this fintech startup arrived with a core ambition of allowing companies to manage their financial expenses smoothly with efficient digital workflows. Fortunately, this opportunity is available for both SMCs and large enterprises.


Qonto is the solution businesses love when it comes to financing. With elegant design and an outstanding sense of customer care, Qonto provides everything you need to succeed. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and efficient way to take care of your finances or want a team that will support you every step of the way, Qonto has what you need.


Nate is a fintech business with locations in London and New York that developed the first mobile app that combines all of your online purchasing into one private interface. 2018 saw the founding of Albert Saniger. supported by Canaan, Renegade, Coatue, and Forerunner. You may purchase, gift, and store items from any online merchant using the nate app. You can even share shopping lists with others


For loan origination, equity management, private fund services, banking, and payments, Figure employs the Provenance Blockchain, changing the trillion-dollar financial services sector. With offices for technology all around the country and headquarters in SF and NYC, Figure employs more than 500 people nationwide. Figure aids both customers and institutions in bringing speed, efficiency, and savings.


CRED is a private organization for membership that rewards people for paying their credit card bills on time and gives them access to special deals and premium experiences. Users of credit cards can manage several cards on this portal, which also provides a credit score analysis. High Experian or CRIF score members can use the app to pay their credit card payments and qualify for special prizes. CRED’s credit card spend tracking and management feature, which offered the user analysis of spend tracking and efficiency of use of the card, is one of the app’s many features.

Ava Labs

According to time-to-finality metrics, Ava Labs is the blockchain industry’s fastest smart contract platform. Avalanche is really quick, inexpensive, and green. Ava labs is a free, non-custodial browser plugin designed to let users to access Web3 powered by Avalanche conveniently and securely. It is a brand-new startup that seeks to demonstrate that blockchain is suitable for the finance industry.


With an AUM of more than $500 million USD, Altonomy is a trading company that specializes in cryptocurrency. On the most well-known blockchains, they act as market makers for leading protocols. By spotting mispricings and taking advantage of them, we improve market efficiency. They developed their internal trading platform to transact on numerous controlled and decentralized venues continuously throughout the year. To develop fresh viewpoints, Altonomy studies novel concepts and do a thorough investigation. In the process, they also convert them into substantial profits.


Pipe was created by a group of driven business owners who are familiar with the potential and difficulties founders face when determining how to finance their businesses. They want to give entrepreneurs the ability to grow their businesses without having to take on burdensome debt or give up ownership interests. We created Pipe to make it possible to obtain non-dilutive finance based on the strength of your company rather than on personal connections.


Belvo aims to develop the technology foundations required so that an increasing number of financial innovators may concentrate on what really matters: providing better financial experiences for their users, more quickly and easily.

They have created the most comprehensive open banking and open finance API platform currently available, which unifies payment rails and financial data aggregation and enrichment across Latin America.

They are transforming the confusing complexity of the financial ecosystem into a contemporary collection of tools for easy and secure data access and data interpretation.


Alkami is a  cloud-based solution for all of your digital banking requirements is the Alkami Platform. With a data collection that can compete with the biggest megabanks and a market-leading UX that rivals the most forward-thinking neobanks, you can respond rapidly to shifting market demands, keeping your users more engaged and fostering long-term growth for your FI.

They collaborate on the continuing transformation of banks and credit unions and provide the turnkey solutions required to create a successful online community for users and members.


Clair is a financial app that helps you access your earnings before payday. When you sign up for a Clair Spending Account, you’ll get a range of financial tools, including fee-free wage advances, an FDIC-insured Spending and Savings account with no monthly fees, and a Clair Debit Mastercard to use for spending your earnings. Clair makes it easy to manage your money and access your funds when you need them.


Almost finishing our list of the “Best Fintech Startups” is BukuKas. This Fintech is a free mobile-based digital accounting and financial management tool that enables business owners to track sales, costs, and accounts payable transactions. The transaction report is available for viewing and downloading in PDF format. Through the BukuKas application, we also have a tool that allows us to remind consumers about their debts via WhatsApp and other social media. It is a financial bookkeeping program designed to help you grow your company.


Cowbell uses data and technology to create personalized cyber insurance for SMEs that can be adjusted to the threats of the present and the future. Experts in security and insurance from Cowbell are always available and prepared to assist you with a comprehensive variety of post-incident recovery services. Cowbell Prime offers specialized coverage that is matched to your particular risk exposures. It is available as a solo, accepted, or surplus cyber insurance product.


Last but not least on our list of the “Best Fintech Startups” is Jeeves. Jeeves is a comprehensive tool for managing expenses designed for multinational corporations. This fintech has you covered for everything from business cards to finance. Within a single platform, Jeeves tracks and manages international expenses with ease. They are business owners who have first-hand experience beginning, running, and expanding their own companies. As a result, they fully grasp the drawbacks of current financial products as well as the room for development.

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