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20+ Best Tech Companies San Francisco 2022

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Best Tech Companies San Francisco

20+ Best Tech Companies San Francisco 2022

San Francisco has long been known as one of the most innovative cities in the world, and its tech industry is no exception. From major tech giants to burgeoning startups, San Francisco is home to some of the best tech companies in the world. In this post, we will be exploring some of the fastest growth of “Best Tech companies San Francisco” and why they are so successful. Whether you’re an aspiring tech entrepreneur or a tech enthusiast. Today we bring the Best Tech Companies San Francisco, so let’s take a look at the most successful companies to come out of San Francisco, so far.

Abnormal Security

The first company on our recommendation list of the best Tech Companies San Francisco is Abnormal Security. Abnormal is reconsidering cloud security in light of the fact that there is no foolproof method for stopping cybercrime. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most effective defense against all kinds of email threats. They are driven to provide our clients with frictionless user experiences while constructing a robust platform that will continue to provide the greatest level of protection efficacy.

Customers rely on them to protect their cloud email because of this. They are fixated on user feedback because we tirelessly look for potential vulnerabilities in order to stay ahead of new assaults and consistently protect clients

Attack IQ

Attack IQ’s mission is to solve the risk created by cyberspace and protect the personal and corporate data of millions of people and businesses all around the world. Attack IQ has invented the world’s first-ever integrated, real-time cyber defense solution through our revolutionary product line. It defends organizations against today’s digital security threats with best-in-class technology that integrates threat prevention, detection, and response at scale.


The standard for cloud and container security is being driven by Sysdig. Our platform allows you to manage cloud setups, permissions, and compliance as well as locate and prioritize software vulnerabilities, identify threats, and take appropriate action. With no black boxes, no guesswork, and no blind spots, you get a single view of risk from source to run. Falco, the open-source standard for cloud-native threat detection, was invented by us. The biggest and most creative businesses in the world trust them, and they already have over 700 clients.

Alto pharmacy

The first Health Tech from our list of the “Best Tech Companies San Francisco” is Alto Pharmacy. America’s top digital pharmacy, Alto, is reshaping a $500 billion market. Alto’s improved pharmacy model, which was established in 2015, is focused on the crucial function of pharmacists as the crucial connection in a person’s health journey. For those who require medication, Alto combines experienced pharmacist care with purpose-built technology to provide a more convenient and inexpensive experience.

To date, Alto has filled over three million prescriptions, entered twelve new markets, and developed a mobile app experience that makes managing meds and chatting with a pharmacist easier than ever. With an NPS score of 86, which leads the market, Alto is still completely focused on its customers despite its tremendous expansion.

Varo bank

The list of the “Best Tech Companies San Francisco” continues with the first Fintech from our list: Varo Bank. Varo is a brand-new kind of bank. All of it is digital, mission-driven, FDIC-insured, and created to fit the lifestyles of our clients. With a team that cleverly and deliberately integrates technological professionals and banking industry veterans, they are advancing our purpose. Digital professionals can create a mobile app that gives everyone access to premium banking, including faster access to your money, high-yield savings, and automatic saving options. The banking experts have decades of industry knowledge.

Up to this point, Warburg Pincus, The Rise Fund, Gallatin Point Capital, Harbourvest Partners, Progressive Insurance, Russell Westbrook Enterprises, and Lone Pine Capital have all contributed to Varo’s funding total of over $992.4 million. Varo.

Komodo Health

Through data-driven insights, Komodo Health collaborates with its clients to enhance patient care and lessen the burden of disease. The Komodo Health Platform dynamically analyzes the widest range of data from patients, practitioners, and health systems to give patient-level insights. They place the needs of patients at the forefront of clinical innovation.

Delivering value in healthcare means enhancing patient outcomes while lowering costs by assisting clients in getting vital therapies into the hands of those who need them most. Access to a wider range of healthcare stakeholders across more than fifty therapeutic categories is made possible by the Komodo Health software platform.

Omada Health

A virtual-first, integrated care provider, Omada Health blends cutting-edge behavior science with the most recent clinical protocols to enable persons with chronic diseases to experience long-lasting improvements in their health. Omada provides individualized interventions for diabetes prevention and weight management, diabetes, hypertension, musculoskeletal problems, and behavioral health to more than 1,600 enterprise customers, including Fortune 500 and small- and medium-sized employers, health plans, and health systems.

Their virtual care programs are evidence-based and clinically supported, and the outcomes have been reported in numerous peer-reviewed journals. They design programs that employees not only attempt but actually stick with, which lowers healthcare expenses, produces long-lasting improvements in health behavior, and increases ROI.


Another of the Health Tech company from our list of “Best Tech Companies San Francisco is Verily”. The Google Life Sciences projects left X in 2015 to form the Alphabet subsidiary Verily Life Sciences, formerly now called Google Life Sciences. Verily is working on software solutions, tools, and technologies to blend data sets from clinical trials along with EHR data and claims it. In recent years, the FDA has expanded its program for expedited approval and that route speeds up medicine distribution.


One of OpenView’s most rapidly expanding tech startups is Pipefy. Pipefy streamlines business processes one workflow at a time and has been recognized in Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Intelligent Business Process Management. They enable every “doer” to optimize and automate any process, organize and manage their work in one location, and interface with legacy technologies without writing a single line of code.


AtoB is developing Stripe for Transportation. The AtoB Gasoline Card, their flagship product, is a zero-fee fuel card that can be used anywhere and is designed for fleets of all sizes. The shipping and logistics sector supports the economy, but the payment system that underpins it is inefficient; the current set of payment instruments is out-of-date, challenging to use, vulnerable to fraud, and burdened with obfuscated charge structures.


Life insurance has never been simpler, more convenient, or more accessible than it is through Ethos, a digital firm that has revolutionized the industry. To make life insurance way too accessible for the upcoming million families, we employ cutting-edge technology and data science. We have granted billions of dollars in coverage every month and removed the old restrictions, propelling the sector into the contemporary era. This comprehensive technological framework is the bedrock of sound family budgeting.


The discussions you have with customers include a treasure trove of valuable information. Our goal is to make your messages, emails, and calls as easy as you ever imagined so you can access this information. With Fireflies, the customer’s perspective is shared with everyone in the company. Envision a world where your CRM is automatically enriched with all of your past conversations so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. That’s now possible with Fireflies.ai.


Another of the fastest growing company from our list of the “Best Tech Companies San Francisco” is Patreon. Patreon is the greatest platform for artists to grow their fan bases by connecting with their audiences on a more personal level and providing early access to new works in progress. Hundreds of thousands of artists across many mediums, including YouTubers, musician bands, podcasters, writers, and more, are finding financial and creative independence through Patreon. To what end are they working? They only need a brand new creative economy, with the help of which they restore agency to artists.


Faire is a wholesale online marketplace founded on the idea that small businesses are the wave of the future. Faire is harnessing the potential of technology, and machine learning to bring forth together this global network of successful business owners. Think of your favorite local shop – we work with them to find the most interesting and desirable items from all around the world so they may sell them in their stores. Faire is helping to improve local economies all over the world by encouraging the development of independent companies.


GitLab is an end-to-end DevOps platform that can be used which has the potential to radically alter the way Software Development, Information Security, and IT Operations departments work together to create and release new software. GitLab improves development cycles from weeks to minutes and boosts developer productivity from the first idea to the final product. The GitLab team members are free to do their jobs from any location with reliable internet access. You’ll be able to pitch in whenever and wherever suits you best.


As a result of Gong, sales teams can see the true picture of their customers and reach their full potential. To help sales teams make decisions based on facts rather than gut instinct, Gong has developed the patent-pending Gong Revenue Intelligence PlatformTM. Gong is trusted by more than 2,000 cutting-edge businesses, like PayPal, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Shopify, SproutSocial, Twilio, Slack, and Zillow, to drive their customers’ realities. With Gong, businesses see a boost in their win rates, deal volumes, and personnel ramp-up times.


Docker’s mission is to make it easier for developers to create transformative software. Docker simplifies the complicated process of creating applications, allowing developers to bring the most out of their ideas. We require application components to streamline and speed up processes. The Docker Desktop and Docker Hub are extensively used by millions of developers every day because of the unparalleled ease, agility, and choice they offer.


With Nylas, you can integrate your calendar, email, calendar, and contacts safely and way too quickly rather than spending months constructing the necessary infrastructure. Through our application programming interfaces (APIs), businesses are given the tools they need to speedily introduce email and extensive other scheduling solutions that result in more engaging customer experiences.


Finishing our list of the Best Tech Companies San Francisco is Airbase. Airbase is among the genuine comprehensive platforms for SMBs and early-stage enterprises. It combines three services into a single platform: automated accounts payable, corporate cards with built-in software, and easier reimbursements for employees. With our cutting-edge accounting and operational automation, you may enjoy an earlier close, higher levels of transparency, and full command of all expenditures.

Many businesses struggle with the task of paying vendors and employees by using a hodgepodge of spreadsheets, standalone software, and manual processes. Airbase can be used to free up underutilized talent, cut down on unnecessary expenses, and foster a good attitude toward money.


Last but not least on our list of the Best Tech companies San Francisco is Allbirds. Allbirds supports the idea of utilizing business as a force for good. They are a New Zealand-based multinational footwear and clothing company with its main office in San Francisco. They have made it their aim to show that convenience, aesthetics, and sustainability are not incompatible goals since 2016.

Their conviction that the fashion business has to place less emphasis on flash and more on thinking motivates them to produce better products in better ways. Additionally, they are committed to using quality natural resources to create the most sustainable products possible that are created for life’s everyday experiences as a recognized B Corp.

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