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Best UK Tech Companies 2022

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Best UK Tech Companies 2022

Some of the most prestigious and successful Tech Hubs. London, Cambridge, Oxford, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, and Brighton, are the homes of some of the most vanguardist and innovative Tech Startups. Today we bring you our list of the “Best UK Tech Companies”.


The first company on our recommendation list of the best “UK Tech Companies” is Quantinuum. Their hardware is built to process any quantum programme, and the applications and software are cross-platform. Rapid pharmaceutical development, the design of new molecules and materials, supply chain optimization, and other problems that have proven difficult to tackle will be made easier with the aid of quantum computing. Cybersecurity, compositional intelligence, machine learning, optimization, and simulation are just a few of the areas where Quantinuum has already demonstrated its worth.

Money Box App

Create a rainy day fund, stash money aside for significant occasions in your life, or just start collecting interest on the required money you want to save. You will see your savings begin to accumulate with our selection of accounts, affordable rates, and practical features, such as our well-known round-ups. With the aid of Pension Detectives, locate all of your previous pension accounts and combine them into a single, simple-to-manage pension.

Feature Space

They have been collaborating as a technology partner with the financial service sector to direct the huge issue of financial crime using our invention, adaptive behavioural analytics. Our ARICTM (adaptive, real-time, individual, change-identification) Risk Hub is positioned on-premise or via a fully hosted cloud in over 180 countries. It models and predicts individual behaviour in real-time for fraud prevention and anti-money laundering.

Encompass Corporation

With the best access to dependable global data sources and Encompass’ award-winning KYC automation platform, empower KYC teams. Automated corporate KYC due diligence lets you respond to regulatory change, and show that you are still in compliance. The greatest base for client lifecycle management comes from Encompass’ on-demand data collection and digital KYC profiles.

True Layer

Connect to the biggest neobanks, banks and digital wallets worldwide by utilising our local knowledge and global open banking platform. TrueLayer is a platform for open banking that allows anyone to create better financial experiences. Across the UK and Europe, businesses of all sizes, from small startups to huge corporations, use TrueLayer to enable payments, access financial information, and onboard customers.


While adhering to international KYC and AML regulations, automation enables you to increase customer acquisition and save costs. With a comprehensive, digital identity solution designed to help you get to know your consumers online, you can establish trust at onboarding and beyond. Onfido, a leader in automated digital identity and authentication solutions, has more than ten years of experience in fraud detection, and AI development.


F2G is a biopharmaceutical firm in the clinical stages that focuses on the discovery and creation of cutting-edge treatments for fatal invasive fungal infections. The orotomides are a brand-new class of antifungal drugs that F2G has discovered and created.


Utilize a cloud-based data platform that helps enable you to automate, speed, and work without limitations to integrate next-generation ELT into your modern data stack. Use pipelines and universal data connectors that are easy to set up and manage to get data from any source. Organize batch data loading and Change Data Capture from a single control plane to streamline pipeline management.


Publishers and advertisers can reach their target audiences securely and instantly while maintaining control over their first-party data thanks to Permutive’s privacy-safe technology. It was specifically designed with cutting-edge technology to give the highest performance and privacy. It is essentially quick. Earn their trust by running your campaigns using first-party data in a secure setting that protects the interactions you have with your users.


Please be warned that CFDs are complex financial products with a high potential for rapid financial loss due to leverage. More than 50% of retail investor accounts that trade CFDs with this supplier suffer a capital loss. You should consider your comprehension of how CFDs work as well as your capacity to accept the sizable chance of financial loss.

Trading View

Market experts, instructors, investors, and users can gather in the Tradingview community to debate the market and share insights. By actively participating in community interaction and discourse, you can speed up the development of your trade business.

Peanut App

With the concept of experiencing femininity alone in mind, they created Peanut. Their goal is to give women a social network where they can connect during various life stages, including menstruation, pregnancy, and parenting. Over 3 million women use Peanut each month to form friendships, get support, and share knowledge.

Primary Bid

Great share offers have been going unnoticed by the general public for years. Only institutional investors had access to IPOs and follow-ons until recently. That is being altered by PrimaryBid. To ensure public markets are inclusive, transparent, and fair—as they were intended to be—they have developed the technology.

Fly Now Pay Later

Fly Now Pay Later is upending the travel technology industry and is on a mission to assist international travel agencies in increasing their sales. Rockstar travel companies like Lastminute.com, Crystal Travel, and Travelpack use us every single day as Europe’s only purchase now pay later solution exclusively for the travel industry to enable customers to pay in instalments in 12 months.


It gives you 24/7 access to care when you’re ill. They provide you with the resources and guidance to maintain your health once you’re up and running. To change the healthcare system, we are working with influential partners of various sizes. Their clinical services now reach over 3.5 million Americans.


The scientific community, in their opinion at Abcam, advances more quickly and further when they work together. And they need to collaborate in novel ways if we want to keep making ground-breaking discoveries. Abcam continuously innovates to support scientists in advancing their work by offering goods and services that are crucial to fundamental study, drug development, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications.


In order to provide patients with rare diseases around the world with cutting-edge, efficient treatments, Healx is a technology firm with a mission. Only 5% of the 7,000 identified rare diseases, which impact 400 million people worldwide, have treatments that are considered effective. Healx can speed up the pace, expand the scope, and increase the likelihood of success of the development of treatments for rare diseases in order to meet this enormous unmet need.

Mission Therapeutics

Almost finishing our list of the “Best UK Tech Companies” is Mission Therapeutics. This tech company created first-in-class therapies to inhibit disease-associated deubiquitylating enzymes, Mission Therapeutics is devoted to improving the lives of patients with critical diseases such as acute kidney injury (AKI), uncommon mitochondrial diseases, neurodegeneration, and fibrosis (DUBs).


The greatest colleges and engineering teams in the world are represented on Five’s team of scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and roboticists. Delivering on our lofty objectives for autonomous transportation presents challenging issues in robotics, computer vision, and machine learning.

Graph Core

Last but not least on our list of the Best “UK Tech companies” is Graph Core. Utilizing cutting-edge IPU AI hardware and your favourite frameworks, you can create, train, and deploy your models on the cloud with several other service partners. Enables you to scale to large IPU compute as necessary while saving on computing expenditures. Start using IPUs right away with the variety of lease choices, free trials, and price options offered by their cloud partners.

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