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12+ Best Tech Companies In Germany 2023

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best tech companies in germany

12+ Best Tech Companies In Germany 2023

German Tech

Our first recommendation for the “Best Tech Companies in Germany” is German Tech. A job board specifically dedicated to the German tech sector. They began in Switzerland under the name SwissDevJobs.ch and are now expanding to other nations. Because they emphasize feedback from the IT community and demand that all job posts be uniform and open, they have gathered a rising monthly readership of unlimited IT professionals.


With its cutting-edge digital payment services, Billie is the top supplier of BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) payment options for businesses. Through cutting-edge checkout solutions, FinTech, which was founded in Berlin, makes it simple and convenient for businesses to get paid as they want. Billie provides flexibility to both large and tiny startup businesses through quick liquidity, automated workflows, and access to cutting-edge payment options.

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/billie.io/

Avi Medical

Avi Medical is your new GP practice. With short waiting times and holistic treatment, Avi Medical is quite well-managed. Through their app, you can manage your doctor’s appointments even more conveniently. With Avi Medical, every patient enjoys the same quality treatment.


EqualTo aims to solve commissions, which inhibit both personal and commercial progress. The commission process can be fully automated using EqualTo, and real-time data and insights can boost transparency. The software and APIs from EqualTo have created a new benchmark for how businesses may use real-time data to control commissions and inspire staff. They offer the infrastructure that is still lacking to fully automate the commission process and increase the effectiveness of incentives.


“Dance”, an electric mobility service is y our ebike. The Ebike is included in your monthly membership price, and you also get access to our concierge team, who will repair and maintain your vehicle at no extra cost and as quickly as within 24 hours. Dance offers you the benefits of owning your transport with the flexibility of a membership you can turn on and off whenever you please, in contrast to traditional ownership or shared services.


N8N allows users to link different online services via API and start workflows using a variety of triggers without having any programming experience. More than 90 applications may have their data synchronized, complex workflows can be built up, and unique integrations (nodes) can be developed.

Orora Technologies

Orora is a Munich, Germany-based provider of actionable insights for sustainable businesses using thermal-infrared data intelligence. They started our constellation of 100 thermal-infrared cameras to continuously track the earth’s temperature and give data-based trends with the launch of the first thermal-infrared camera on a nanosatellite FOREST-1 in early 2022. Customers from businesses and governments on all six continents use their industry-leading Wildfire Intelligence Solution. They were on a mission to apply NewSpace intelligence toward a sustainable Earth.

Atai Life

Atai Life aims to deal with mental health issues that everyone deals with. T helps people to live a fulfilled life without any mental health disorders. Atai has pioneered the development of mental health-related treatments to address the need of patients.


Coachhub is an industry pioneer in digital coaching. They provide top-notch coaching through our cutting-edge digital platform, enabling behavioral change. They innovate people’s development daily to enable personal, group, and corporate transformation.

With our AI-enabled technology platform, which provides a simple and elegant user experience and a smooth coaching process, they deliver personalized, one-on-one coaching at scale.


Twaice is a provider of software platforms for batteries. They were born and raised to create things for a greener planet. We create digital solutions by combining our domain knowledge and battery. To link and jointly drive the transition to a cleaner battery-powered world, Twaice tee up leaders in energy and mobility on the cloud.

Isar Aerospace

Isar Aerospace was formed In order to remove the obstacles to access into space. By pushing the envelope, we provide a platform for competitiveness and future innovations. As a provider of launch services for small and medium-sized satellites, we give customers all around the world simple access to space. Isar Aerospace is propelling commercial space across all continents by providing the first entirely privately funded European solution to fulfill the rising global demand.


Last but not least, our last recommendation of the Best Tech Companies in Germany is Finoa. Finoa was created with the intention of allowing the ecosystem to flourish while giving institutions a reliable partner that can address their intricate regulatory and security concerns. When cryptocurrency enthusiasts noticed a dearth of sophisticated services that would enable the crypto ecosystem to develop and institutions to join, the idea for it was formed.

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