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11+ Best Tech Companies in Ireland 2022

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Best Tech Companies in Ireland

11+ Best Tech Companies in Ireland list of companies.

Ireland is one of the biggest hubs for Tech Companies in Europe. Big Tech companies such as Microsoft, and Google have their European Head Quarters in Ireland. Thus, today we bring some of the fastest-growing Tech Companies in Ireland.


Our first company from our list the “Best Tech Companies in Ireland” is Flipdish. This Irish company has all the features you require to accept orders directly from your websites and mobile applications, provide digital ordering from kiosks or phones, and expand your clientele through marketing and loyalty programs. If you run a restaurant, a grocery store, or a supply chain, Flipdish is a useful platform. In-depth online ordering, consumer data and profiling, integrated loyalty and retention initiatives, and more are all made easier with Flipdish.


Andopen is a company that brings gifts for corporate team members and their families who are constantly busy, with big businesses. It makes gifting seamless for global companies and teams of all types. It has a broad global reach and delivers gifts to more than 120 countries to create maximum impact and foster worldwide relationships. It focuses on sending gifts in bulk with an advanced performance tracking system and a fully branded experience.

Tontine Trust

A fintech business with its headquarters in Ireland, Tontine Trust is paving the way for pensions in the future.

The OECD, the UK Department of Work and Pensions, numerous academics, and reputable think tanks all support the Tontine Trust platform’s use of a collective risk-sharing approach to deliver low-cost lifetime income pensions to governments, institutions, and individuals.


Utmost enables businesses to find qualified temporary workers rapidly. Every stage of managing an external workforce is tracked and managed by us, including hiring talent, choosing candidates, onboarding and offboarding, worker tracking, and payment.

As a component of the Beeline Extended Workforce Platform, this acquisition will give clients access to the first comprehensive talent intelligence solution. Any payment mechanism on their platform is completely supported for labor-based indirect spending (milestone-based payments, deliverables-based payments, unit-based payments, and time-and-expense-based deliverables).


Manna is a drone delivery service, that delivers from businesses to their customers. Bobby Healy is the company’s founder and CEO. It is headquartered at NovaUCD in Dublin, Ireland. The name comes from manna, which means food that descends from heaven. The drone delivery industry, which includes Manna, is projected to grow to $29.1 billion by 2027.


In the manner they imagine and develop cutting-edge therapeutic products made from cannabis, Somai exemplifies its distinct perspective. The most potent active ingredients are created by their team of experts to maximize bioavailability and offer quick, concentrated relief for particular diseases. Additionally, their novel drug delivery techniques guarantee broad access to our selection.

They work to create specialized, efficient products and answer unmet clinical needs through our forward-thinking strategy by collaborating with top clinical experts and researchers across a range of therapy areas.


Glofox is a fitness-related software that can grow your business by 40%. You can boost your business with the Glofox tools to get the best experience and membership recognition. With the help of Glofox’s assortment of powerful and simple-to-use brand and marketing tools, you can expand your brand, interact with your consumer base, and increase revenue.


SoapBox Labs is the most accurate voice engine for kids in the world having the mission to make kids heard. It focuses on delivering joyful and engaging learning and playing experiences for children by using voice technology. The SoapBox team has more than 150 years of experience in developing AI and speech recognition. The machine learning expertise of Soapbox spans audio signal processing, speech analytics, speech recognition, deep learning, computational linguistics, biometrics, and multi-modal processing and recognition.


A data model is used by Siren, a versatile platform for investigative intelligence, to guide the finding of related data. Siren integrates previously unrelated paradigms like operational monitoring, link analysis, and business intelligence (BI) dashboards.

Siren provides a contemporary search experience for all users. With Siren, you can dynamically apply the data model and virtually transform the data into a knowledge graph while either cloning the data or leaving it in the back-end system.


Webio is a customer engagement platform that sits between businesses and their customers. NLU, machine learning, and conversational AI Webio’s ‘blended AI’ approach to consumer engagement enable chatbots and human agents to interact with customers in real time.

Webio has decided to focus on these conversations around credit and collections. We are aware of the procedures, workflows, and linguistic obstacles you must face. In addition to assisting your consumers in getting what they want, we assist you in automating these interactions so that your personnel can provide far better customer service.


FoodMarble is dedicated to using technology to improve intestinal health. They focus on the most cutting-edge studies in digestive health and work to make those answers available to everyone.

For those with SIBO, IBS, and digestive problems, Foodmarble is the newest and most sophisticated digestive breath testing technology. It keeps tabs on your diet, stress levels, sleep patterns, and symptoms while testing your dietary tolerances and providing personalized, on-the-go results.


Last but not least, our last recommendation of the Best Tech Companies in Ireland is Payslip. Payslip offers a scale-up edge by coordinating worldwide payroll operations to boost growth effectiveness. Payslip’s Global Payroll Control Platform enables outperformers to achieve execution excellence, see a wider picture, and scale at any dimension by standardizing and automating the intricacies of global payroll.

They began with comprehending payroll-related difficulties. To solve these issues, they created an automation and integration platform. one that can integrate with HCMs and finance software while handling numerous local payroll service providers. Then they made it simple to scale and implement.

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