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14+ Best Tech Companies San Diego 2022

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14+ Best Tech Companies San Diego 2022

San Diego is home to one of the most successful companies that are at the forefront of the tech industry, today we bring you our list of the “Best Tech Companies San Diego.

Shield AI

The first company on our recommendation list of the best Tech Companies San Diego is Shield. Shield AI was established to provide the DoD and our allies with the best AI and autonomous technology to safeguard military men and civilians.

The best AI pilots in the world are created and deployed using their AI and autonomy backbone. The best-in-class aircraft autonomy stack, Hivemind is combat tested, safe, modular, and controllable by humans. To implement the most intelligent aviation capabilities in the world, they combine software, artificial intelligence, and aerospace engineering disciplines.


We continue our list of the “Best Tech Companies San Diego” with Drata. The Drata security and compliance automation platform streamlines compliance workflows from beginning to finish to assure audit readiness while continuously monitoring and gathering evidence of a company’s security measures.

Our most valuable asset outside of time is trust, particularly when it comes to our clients and the security of their data. They are familiar with the difficulties and setbacks of manually establishing a robust security and compliance posture since it is redundant, cumbersome, and—worst of all—prone to error. And regardless of a company’s stage of development, compliance costs and complexity only increase over time. Automation has been used by Drata’s team of SaaS, security, compliance, and audit experts to simplify the process of obtaining and continuously maintaining compliance.


Creators recognized the urgent need for a device management platform that could support expanding enterprises and rising regulatory requirements based on their decades of experience in Apple IT. The needs of today’s businesses weren’t met by the existing solutions, which were either unduly simplistic or mind-numbingly complicated. They constructed Kandji because they thought there had to be a better solution.

Trust and will

Hundreds of thousands of families have used trust and will to help them establish their estate plans, and many are just getting started. Every American now has the ability to design a plan that is unique to their requirements, way of life, and legacy. They’ve gone from one text to receiving support from some of the most reputable businesses and investors in the world, and they’re revolutionizing the way families make future plans.

Rayze Bio

For solid tumors, Rayzebio actively designs and creates cutting-edge radiopharmaceuticals. The unique benefit of radiopharmaceuticals being both diagnostic and therapeutic. By changing the radioisotope, the same drug combination could be utilized for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.

Imaging technology enables direct visualization of drug conjugate uptake by tumors, enabling accurate patient selection for therapeutic radioisotope administration. For targeted radiation, RayzeBio discovers biologically significant, tumor-specific targets. When compared to normal tissues, solid tumors exhibit elevated levels of these targets’ expression.


The only Biotech from our recommended list of the “Best Tech Companies San Diego” is Mirati. Mirati Therapeutics, Inc. seeks to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families through the development and delivery of innovative therapeutics.

Bank of Southern California

Southern California Bank was founded in 2001, has its main office in San Diego, California, is locally owned and operated, and provides a variety of financial products to individuals, professionals, and small- to medium-sized enterprises. Private businesses and the prosperous business owners who operate them make-up Southern California’s vibrant and expanding business community. We value this spirit of entrepreneurship and are dedicated to offering our neighborhood companies the specialized banking services they require to succeed.


The most extensively used ESG (environmental, social, and governance) data management tool for real estate is Measurabl. More than 15 billion square feet of real estate in more than 90 countries are measured, managed, and reported using Measurabl by customers. The most forward-thinking businesses in the sector use Measurabl to improve their ESG performance, evaluate their exposure to physical climate risk, and take advantage of decarbonization and sustainable finance opportunities.


The only mobility company from our list of the “Best Tech Companies San Diego is Netradyne. Using cutting-edge vision technology, they aim to revolutionize the surroundings for drivers to interact more safely, leading to safer roads today and more sophisticated roads tomorrow. While drivers are central to road safety, it can be difficult to get a whole picture of the complex dynamics of the roads themselves. With their preventative safety solution, complex data is converted into useful insights.


ClickUp is a comprehensive productivity solution for groups of any size and in any field. Any project can be planned, tracked, and collaborated on, and the ideal and more focused workflow for you and your team can be constructed and is waiting for you. Moreover, marketing campaigns can be launched, development sprints can be coordinated, and much more all from inside the same interface.


We can’t finish our list of the “Best Tech Companies San Diego” without an e-commerce company. Koji is the first e-commerce platform designed just for social network sellers with thousands of layouts, making it simple to sell everything from physical goods to digital subscriptions. You may learn a lot about your audience and their purchasing habits, as well as which templates are most successful and which customers are most valuable, with Koji’s seller dashboard. You have never before experienced such clarity.


Almost finishing our list of the “Best Tech Companies San Diego” we introduce you to SOCi. The company provides the means for the easy publication of brand-approved content libraries across hundreds of local sites, as well as their creation, hosting, and sharing by multiple users inside an organization. It doesn’t cost anything to ask for a demo. There is no need to download any software or provide any credit card information.


Biocept separates cancer material, shed from the primary tumor, such as CSF tumor cells (CSF-TCs) and cell-free DNA, Biocept has created an original, patented technology (cfDNA). By analyzing and interrogating CSF-TCs and cfDNA for specific biomarkers using our patented CNSideTM test, doctors may better understand the relevant molecular data related to a patient’s metastatic disease and create a customized cancer treatment strategy. Oncology clinicians and researchers from all fields can use Biocept’s services. Doctors have employed our technologies in countless patient scenarios. They collaborate with key cancer hospitals and business titans to advance the science of cancer diagnosis.


Last but not least on our list of the Best Tech companies San Diego is Cordial. If you are a brand and you are looking a better experience working with a technology partner, then Cordial is the solution you are looking for. This Martech offers a cross-channel marketing platform built to help marketers create unique and unified customer experiences across all channels.

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